Fed up?


In an age of narcissistic perfectionism, it’s time to celebrate ugly mishaps. Read along for honest stories and life hacks that were learnt the hard way…


Fed up with people posting about their 7 am gym session?

–  Don’t worry. We all sometimes forget to set our alarm, and then spill coffee down ourselves. (I do it almost daily)

Fed up with social media’s obsession with organisation?

–  Fear not. Sometimes we double book ourselves, miss appointments and accidentally do the wrong work. (very guilty)

Fed up with people always depicting themselves looking perfect?

–  No issue here.  Some of us have smudged eyeliner, an over-flowing laundry basket and laddered tights. (on a good day)

Fed up with media that just panders to the clicks?

– Leave it to us, we’ll search and we’ll question why we hear about some events and not others. We’ve got niche stories coming your way.

More to come….

Yours unashamedly,

Scarlett Sherriff, Editor-in-Chief  

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